Positive Mental Health Effects of Pregnenolone

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Dietary supplements that contain the naturally occurring hormone called pregnenolone are again starting to make a name in the industry. It has actually been manufactured as early as the 1940’s but has become very controversial due to some problems with their formulations, which caused side effects. Nowadays, some manufacturers have formulated better versions of the pregnenolone-containing supplements. That is due to the many research and studies that have been conducted.


On a scientific level, pregnenolone is a hormone that is produced from cholesterol. What is good about it is that it is responsible for synthesizing several other hormones. The most potent ones wherein pregnenolone is the precursor are testosterone, progesterone, and estrogen. On another note, pregnenolone is known for its neurosteroid activity capabilities. That is the reason why most studies have been inclined towards discovering its effect on mental health. The great thing is that it has been discovered that the main hormone pregnenolone, as well as its derivative pregnenolone sulfate, are present at a very high concentration in most parts of the brain. Thus, healthily increasing its production can improve mental health.


The most popular claimed effects of the dietary supplement are an enhancement of cognitive functioning. With the help of pregnenolone and pregnenolone sulfate, neuronal activity is stimulated. Thus, the brain easily and quickly recognizes stimuli. They are also responsible for enhancing the growth of neurons, synapse formation, and myelin formation. In addition, the hormone and its derivative also have the capability of protecting the neural system, as well as helping the neurons recover faster when there is a problem. In addition, to cognitive function, 25mg pregnenolone tablets can also help improve a person’s memory or recall capabilities. In fact, studies done on rats have shown that the pregnenolone sulfate derivative of the hormone was able to block chemicals that cause amnesia.


According to some studies, the increase in the production of pregnenolone and its derivative is known as allopregnanolone can also help relieve the other symptoms of schizophrenia. Apart from reducing schizophrenia-memory problems, it can also help reduce the verbal and attention problems related to the mentioned condition. In addition, when low doses of the supplement are taken, side effects caused by antipsychotic drugs prescribed for schizophrenia can also be reduced. Thus, there is a possibility that individuals who have schizophrenia can have a better living condition. Nevertheless, before using the supplement, the individual’s physician should be consulted first.


Pregnenolone-containing dietary supplements may also have a promising effect on people who are experiencing general anxiety conditions. That is due to the fact that, according to science, individuals who have anxiety actually have low levels of pregnenolone sulfate. Thus, increasing the production and level of the aforementioned compound can help relieve anxiety. Taking the concepts above into consideration, pregnenolone dietary supplements can have promising good effects on an individual’s mental health. However, it should also be remembered that dietary supplements are not therapeutic products. They are mainly produced to help boost the production and release of the hormone. In addition, when it comes to proper dosages, the recommendations of the manufacturers, as well as the person’s physician should be strictly followed.

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