Indications That Your Body Is Suffering From Elevated Uric Acid Level

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Uric acid is an end product of purines. Naturally, the uric acid is dissolved in the blood, passing through the kidneys, and then, the excess is being washed out from the body through urine. But what happens if the excess uric acid levels are not eliminated off from the kidney and out from the body? According to the medical experts, the excessive level of uric acid would start to crystallize and would form into kidney stones. Also, the uric acid outside of the kidney may settle into the joints and may also form crystals, attaching itself to the joints, causing gout.

The symptoms that your body is already suffering from increased uric acid level may vary between individuals, where some people who have elevated uric acid level may not even experience any kind of symptoms. Nonetheless, below are the common signs and symptoms that there is an imbalanced level of uric acid:

  1. The symptoms affecting the joints

The person affected may suffer from mild to intense pain, swelling, inflammation, and redness of the affected joint such as in ankles, heels, fingers, knees, fingers, and even the elbows. Also, the pain and discomfort may last up to 12-24 if left untreated.

  1. The symptoms affecting the skin

If there is a continuous gout problem or the crystallized uric acids are left untreated, the crystals may start building up underneath the skin. According to the medical description, this condition is called as “tophi”. Even though this condition may not show any painful reaction, the affected area may become swollen or tender.

  1. The symptoms affecting the kidney

The kidneys often suffer when the excess uric acids are not eliminated out of the body, where the crystallized form starts to affect the normal function of the urinary tract. Symptoms may include back pain, mild to severe pain at the groin area, abdominal pain, high fever, nausea and vomiting, chills, and in worst cases there is a presence of blood in the urine. How do you fight off this condition? Anyone can be a victim; if you want to fight off this condition or prevent building up of crystallized uric acid in kidneys or at the joints, you may follow the tips below:

Tip #1: Reduce purine intake

Anchovies, mushroom, mackerel, sardines, tuna, liver, and dried beans are an example of a food that is rich in purine. If you have a history of gout or kidney stones, try to avoid eating too much food that is high in purine.

Tip #2: Take supplement

Supplements are a big help when it comes to maintaining the balance of blood pH, which is also similar to uric acid. If you want to maintain the level of your uric acid why not try considering to buy this uric acid supplement on Amazon.

Tip #3: Drink plenty of water

Drinking plenty of water can reduce chances of uric acid crystallization. According to the experts, a body that is well-hydrated is unlikely to suffer from gout or kidney stones. Uric acid also plays a huge part in the normal body functioning; however, the increased level of uric acid can cause bad health condition. If you love your body, try to monitor the levels of your uric acid every 6 months to avoid bad health conditions.

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