Do’s and Don’ts of Supplements

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Supplements, for most people who take them, are a very important part of their diet. They fill up the lacking nutrients in the body that the people cannot get from the food they eat. Many people assume that supplements are usually harmless. But, that is an assumption that has been proved wrong many times. There are very important things that you have to keep in mind when you are taking supplements, whether they are in the form of pills, tinctures, or taken intravenously.


  1. Always follow the instructions

Reading what is written on the box, the bottle, or the paper that comes with the packaging of your supplements is pretty important. They are not there for nothing. Make sure to read the warnings and cautions before taking them to ensure that you are taking the right dosage, the right time and with the right precautions.

  1. Eat the right foods with your supplements

Some of the vitamin contents of the supplements are fat-soluble. They can only be fully absorbed by the body if you take them with some dietary fats.

  1. Be cautious when you are on other kinds of medication

Talk to your doctor about what supplements you can take with the current medication you are on. Some supplements interfere with certain drugs and would not make it work properly; sometimes it could even make your condition worse. For instance, glycine propionyl-l-carnitine supplement would be dangerous to be paired with Warfarin or some other medications to slow down blood clotting.

  1. If you smoke, avoid some certain kinds of supplements

Combining certain kinds of supplements with smoking can increase the risk of serious illnesses. The chemicals in the tobacco and the smoke that goes in your lungs, when added with carotene, for example, can make cancer cells in the lungs develop faster.


  1. Drink caffeinated drinks with your supplements

The caffeine in coffee or tea would prevent the body from absorbing the nutrients from the supplements. It would be a waste of money if you don’t get the benefits from the pills you are taking.

  1. Double your dose

If you missed your dosage for a day, do not try and double the dosage the next day. Some supplements give serious negative effects when taken in excess. Overdosing in certain kinds of supplements can lead to diarrhea, constipation, liver toxicity, kidney stones and more.

  1. Take new supplements when you are pregnant

Taking just any kind of supplement when you are pregnant without consulting your doctor can be dangerous both for you and the baby. Same goes if you are breastfeeding. Make sure that the supplements you are taking are those that the doctor has approved.

  1. Think that all supplements are the same

Different manufacturers have different ways of making or producing the supplements. They might use the same main ingredients, but they might not give you the same health benefits and might pose different side effects, too. Some makers may include other ingredients that your body might be sensitive in.


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