Can Alpha GPC Help Improve Your Productivity?

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Looking to get more work done in a day? Want to improve your speed, accuracy and enjoyment while you do?

Then you might already be considering the use of a nootropic. Nootropics are ‘smart drugs’ – supplements that are thought to help boost cognitive performance whether that means memory, attention or wakefulness.

Alpha GPC is often considered in this category, so the question is: can it really boost your effectiveness?

How it Works

Alpha GPC has a few separated mechanisms of action which make it interested for those looking to enhance their brain function.

For started, Alpha GPC has been shown in some studies to raise levels of acetylcholine. This is the brain’s main ‘excitatory neurotransmitter’ which is used to activate neurons and brain regions. By providing the body with the raw materials needed to make acetylcholine, Alpha GPC may therefore be able to enhance wakefulness and brain activity.

Meanwhile, Alpha GPC is also thought to enhance cell membrane fluidity. As a phospholipid, it can be incorporated into cell walls thereby enhancing their flexibility and their permeability. If this works as thought, then the end result is that the brain cells can absorb more nutrients and transmit signals faster.

Finally, Alpha GPC also improves growth hormone and blood pressure/circulation according to some research. This may support general health and help provide the brain with more energy to enhance concentration and vigilance. More blood to the brain means more energy and more nutrients, whereas growth hormone might be able to help with the formation of new memories and enhance recovery during sleep.

On top of all this, Alpha GPC is also a free radical, thereby boosting general health across the board.

So can it help you get more work done? The jury is out… but the evidence is certainly very compelling!

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